New Game Exceeds Casino Players’ Expectations

HITMAN is becoming increasingly popular with gamers all over the world.
It is based on the popular video game in which the player plays the role of an ex-assassin. Microgaming has developed a thrilling fifteen line video-slot with many chances to win through Wilds, the new and improved 3 reel Expanding -Wild feature; Scatters, Free Spins and Bonuses.

Microgaming built the earliest real casino gaming software for the internet more than 11 years ago. Ever since, Microgaming has stayed at the forefront of the web gaming industry by researching and offering the safest, most realistic and innovative application games aimed at entertaining the internet gamer.

Microgaming has become the most popular and one of the biggest virtual casino gaming developers in the cyber market. They continue to create new, easy to play, casino games that meet casino players’ expectations. Inexperienced players and High Rollers can all enjoy playing on the gaming sites developed by Microgaming with a variety of realistic games such as Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, and Multi-Hand Poker. It is also impressive the growing number of gamers that play classic casino games; top on the list are: blackjack, roulette, baccarat, keno, craps, pai gow poker, sic bo.

All of these games created by Microgaming consent players to bet and gamble anytime and anywhere without the inconvenience of traveling to a land based casino.

Online casinos games have higher payout rates, and winning is by far more easy because of the huge number of casino games to choose from.

Many Blogs and forums are packed with positive comments of satisfied players. For all these reasons, Microgaming is considered to be one of the best casino gaming developers.

Pot Smash – An Addictive And Fun New Game For The Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a superb mobile device which has become a global success thanks to its excellent specification. One of the attractive features of this model is the large 4.3 inch display which makes the handset perfect for a variety of different uses. One area where the screen is particularly useful is for playing the huge selection of games that are available for this phone. One of the best new games available for this device is Pot Smash. We take a closer look at this addictive new application.

The whole idea behind the Pot Smash game for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is to smash lots of fragile items that range from teapots to plates. In Greek culture plate smashing has been a tradition for centuries but many of us cannot afford to destroy our valuable items on a regular basis despite the undeniable enjoyment that it can provide. Pot Smash gives us all the opportunity to destroy items without it costing a penny or requiring any cleaning up afterwards. The game features a number of different modes but one of the most enjoyable is the Zen mode. Here you just have to smash as many items as you can within a set amount of time. A succession of items scroll quickly across the screen and you simply have to tap them in order to smash them. These objects do scroll very quickly and it is nearly impossible to destroy every item, even though the game supports multi touch so skilled players can tap the screen in two places at the same time.

There are seven other game modes available on Pot Smash for the Samsung Galaxy S2, many of which require a more considered approach than the all out destruction found on the Zen mode. These modes include a Memory mode which requires users to memorise certain items and then smash them when they appear on screen. There is also a Word Search mode where the items each have a letter painted on them. Users are required to smash the items in the correct order to spell out the desired word. In terms of design the application is superb. The simple graphics look great on the Galaxy’s excellent display while the Super AMOLED technology that is used helps to produce wonderfully vivid colours. Pot Smash is a very addictive title that helps to ease stress and takes up a very small amount of time thanks to most challenges only lasting sixty seconds.

Pot Smash is an impressive new game for the Samsung Galaxy S2. The large screen on the phone is perfect for displaying the scrolling items and the addictive gameplay will have users returning in a bid to beat their highest scores.

Give New Games A Chance

It’s hard to get into a new groove once we’ve settled into a favorite pattern of doing something and that includes playing new games or trying a new game system. It’s important to remember however that just because you’re not used to the way a new game plays or the way that a new system runs – it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with it. The following offers some advice on how to get over the hurdle of giving new games a chance.

1. Nothing is perfect, including video games, the systems they play on, and dare we say – even you! The first time you try a new game you’re bound to trip all over the place and maybe even make some of the stupidest mistakes that anyone could make. Keep in mind that flaws are inevitable and the even you, the master of all masters of course, can fumble around trying to find your way through a new game. Just because you mess up doesn’t mean you’re a terrible player. Likewise, mistakes don’t make the game stupid or dumb. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you find yourself making mistakes during a new game, it’s time that to slow down and give this game a second and more serious look. If something in the game tripped you up – you, the master of all masters – then the game couldn’t be as bad as you first thought.

2. Play a new game when you’re “in the mood”. What a fast-paced world we live in! So fast, that we expect to understand a game within the first 5 minutes of popping it into the console. Then when we’re not sure what to do, the game gets confusing, or just dumb. Never try a new game when you’re not in the mood or when you’re in a rush. New games require patience and sometimes a thorough read of the instruction manual.

3. See the positive. There’s something good about every game – even the more violent ones (although we’re not prepared to defend violent games). When you’re checking out a new one, focus on what you like as opposed to what makes you mad because you can’t quite figure it out yet. A positive attitude will carry on to other aspects of the game and before you know it, you’ll be encouraged to carry on with it and make some real progress.

4. Don’t be such a know it all. In other words, don’t be blinded by your own conceit or skills in a particular genre that you close yourself off to new ways of accomplishing tasks. The biggest room is the room for improvement and your room is no exception. Understand that the game you’re playing may have something new to teach you about gaming as a whole. Then revel in it.

5. Continue to play. It’s highly doubtful that anyone will like a new game in one day. Keep playing until you’re absolutely sure that you don’t ever want to see it in your console again.

6. Play alone the first time you play. It’s quite possible that if you play a new game with a friend, you’ll be vulnerable to accepting your friend’s feelings as your own. Play a new game by yourself so that you can interpret your own feelings and not anyone else’s.

There are tons of games out there to play. It might be fun to try something that’s of a different genre than what you usually play. It will give a different perspective and you might even learn something. Game on!

A New Game Show: “Find The Silver Lining!”

Can you imagine Pat Sajak or Alex Trebec hosting a new game show, the purpose of which is to reward contestants for their ability to think positively?

Instead of guessing words and phrases, or names, dates, places and events, contestants would compete for prizes based on their imaginative, useful, and inspiring suggestions.

I can hear it now:

“Ok, for $100, and the right to move into our bonus round, can you find the silver lining in this unfortunate situation….”

It would be fun, don’t you think?

Imagine how it could create a sensation, across the world.

People might come to see the beauty and rewards in thinking up solutions, instead of merely dredging up more problems.

Viewers, stuck in despair or in a typical, everyday rut, could send in a description of their woes, which the game show’s panel would hear and then brainstorm solutions for.

There would be a home game version, so people could fix their personal and professional lives on their own.

This could be the freshest, most upbeat, and helpful show imaginable.

We’d never run out of problems to solve, so there is endless material.

Better yet, we’d never exhaust our ability to generate solutions.

Now, tell me, isn’t this a show that’s bound to be a hit?

Sony PS3 – The New Gaming Console

The Sony PS3 gaming console is given a swanky design with PSP user-friendly interface. This gadget allows playing of any high definition games. There is a CPU that processes and makes things work fast. There are advanced features such as a 3.2 GHz processor. This play station can provide all the latest entertainment as it is supported by a CD and a DVD player. There is also provision for viewing of images in a photo slide show and home videos. A visual player aids in listening to music. Various disk formats are supported by the PS3 such as DVD, DVD- R, DVD- R+, CD- ROM and more. The Blue-ray disk is an additional feature.

The controller of the handset is optimized with connectivity such as Bluetooth, USB2.0, Wi-Fi and a network over Internet Protocol. The device is also supported by a gigabit Ethernet card, a PlayStation connectivity that is facilitated by Ethernet 802.11b, and USB 2.O port that enables various other connections. So, in the presence of this connectivity, it becomes possible for the user to share gaming files with other secondary devices.

The device is also incorporated with SIXAXIS controller and a Video streaming output cable. The Sony PS3 is loaded with amazing games though it is also possible to download new games, exciting videos and tracks. The memory of the handset allows storing of games that require large space as the device has 256 MB XDR Main RAM and 3.2 GHz / 256MB GDDR3 VRAM @700MHz .

This gaming console represents third generation of the Sony PS3. It is actually a successor of the play station 2 and belongs to the next generation of the play station series. The screen of the player gives high resolution and so all icons of the games are visible with clarity. The system functions on a bandwidth of Main RAM: 25.6GB/s and VRAM 22.4 GB/s. It allows the gadget to work well under any circumstance. Sony PS3 is light and so can easily be carried while traveling as this gaming console keeps the user entertained and leaves no scope for any sort of boredom.